Write 31 Days – Day 4

Well, I have a serious case of writer’s block and I would really like the election season to pass 🙂

I am planning a Facebook hiatus beginning November 1st, but I may push up the date.

I wish I could visit one of Luke’s Diners tomorrow and get some coffee (see if there’s one near you and have coffee for me!).

We have almost finished the office transition to make room for baby!

Our cousin’s adoption was finalized today!

I am beginning a new book, Glennon Doyle-Melton’s Love Warrior.

Axel is a wiggly little man. I still forget he is in there sometimes.

It’s been so good to have Nels home today.

Ava couldn’t hear daddy mowing for a moment today and said that the most logical explanation was that he was dead, as he had likely gotten eaten by a tiger.


The song I posted yesterday has been in my head all day today. Here is my version along with Nels’ message.

Sorry to be so scattered tonight 🙂

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