Write 31 Days – Day 5

Ava, on Alcohol.

IMG_5597.JPGAva (5), spent the last half of our Cancun vacation swimming up to the little bar and ordering the drink she fell in love with: a virgin “Banana Monkey”. Though she couldn’t quite remember “virgin” so I would tell her “no alcohol”. Most of the time she would confuse “alcohol” with “caffeine”(the only two not so kid-friendly drinks that she knows about), so she would order “a banana monkey, no caffeine”. Which is pretty adorable. Since we have been home, she has asked if they “have banana monkeys in our world”. So sweet.

Ava has also discovered Trisha Yearwood. She discovered her cooking show a few months ago and is HOOKED. She had no idea that Trisha could sing until recently. But Ava is less impressed with that than with her butterscotch bars and watermelon salsa. And Ava also is set on being Trisha Yearwood for halloween. And has daddy being Garth. She didn’t even give me a character, for whatever reason.

Through Trisha, Ava has now discovered the world of cocktails. Or as she described them to one of our young CrossFit coaches, “you know, things that you like to make” (no idea why).

Here is what she has learned so far.

“Cocktails are delicious.”

“Cocktails have alcohol in them.”

“Children can’t drink alcohol because it can make them sick.”

“Adults can drink alcohol, but not too much alcohol.”

“Trisha never drinks too much alcohol.”

“Too much alcohol can make you go savage.”

Preacher’s kids.



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