Write 31 Days – Day 6

Putting Ava to bed.

She wants to sleep on the floor on her crib mattress, you know, because baby is coming and baby will need the baby crib mattress. She is still in her Doc Spartan shirt from the day. She is now listening to the baby lullaby CD every night, creating a million reasons why it’s not reasonable for her to go to bed and why it is ethically wrong to leave her alone in there for the night.

Me: (clearly) I will do prayers, hugs and kisses and when this song is over I am going out.

Her: incessant babble.

Me: did you hear me? Repeat back what I said so I know you heard me.

Her: talking about I am not sure what. But I don’t hear her say anything about a song, prayers, hugs or kisses.

This goes on for a bit. Finally she tells me what I said. Song is now almost over.

Me: praying for all of the things (thanking God for good friends, good days, asking “please no bad dreams”, etc)

Her: chatting endlessly over my praying. singing. hand motions.

Me: I am now going to give you a hug and kiss, and then I am going out.


Me: Yes, yes I did. You were talking.

Her: you didn’t give me hugs and kisses.

Me: Yes I did. You were talking.

Her: my butt is itchy.

Me: It is now time for me to go out.

Her: I am hungry.

Me: good night, I love you.

Her: (crawling to me on her hands and knees, wrapping all of her limbs around my leg) I need another hug and kiss.

Me: Get back in your bed. I love you, good night.

Her: I am hungry.

Me: Good night. If you call me back in, I am sending daddy.

Her: (something about how sad I make her feel and her heart is breaking as I go out of her room and wait mommy… I need to tell you something else… and please don’t send daddy)

Me: Goodnight. I love you. I am not talking to you anymore.

Her: (yelling frantically for me down the hall) mommy, mommy, mommy, I need to tell you something. mommy, please answer me. mommy, I love you and I don’t want to be alone and I need you not to leave me and I have something really important to say and please answer me…

Me: (sends daddy)


Daddy: (goes into her room. says a few words. comes out)

Her: (silence)

Note: (her really important thing she needed to say was that she was afraid she was going to fall off of her mattress (which is laying ON THE FLOOR) and the ceiling is just too far away. (?!??????!) )


One thought on “Write 31 Days – Day 6

  1. Rebecca blizzard says:

    I swear they had a normal night. They didn’t eat to much and had fun I swear. But then it just hit the full moon to so happy parents day. Lol.


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