Write 31 Days, Day 12

The only reoccurring dreams I have are the flying and falling kind. It’s never the flying that bothers me, but the fear of falling.

No shortage of metaphors there.

I’ve always been a deep feeler. Deep feeling is deep vulnerability and you’ll end up black and blued. How to live into that fully… I dunno.

God knows I’ve built up my defenses and retreated to a safe place to stand.

And He has the audacity to split the earth and shift the ground right out from underneath my feet. All I can sense is gravity.

It’s impossible for me to tell if it’s a falling apart or a falling together.

Maybe they’re the same.



“You’re sinking all my ships
You’re climbing all my fences
You storm upon my gate
You breach in my defenses

Like the sun against the morning
You set your face against the doors in
All the houses where I run
And I’m laying down my guns

And you keep coming on
Like Napoleon
And I’ll lose my head and throne
In the bloody revolution

On the brink of kingdom come
And I’m standing in the flood
Of everything I ever was
And I’m laying down my guns

You’re standing on my harbor
You’re landing on my shore
I’m handing down my armor
I’m landing on my sword”

{Guns/Napoleon. JM McMillan}

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