Write 31, Day 19

Hello darkness, my old friend.

You found me.

I could see you coming on this time.

I could feel the nights getting longer.

And the wishing they were longer still.

The daylight brings a world I’m not ready for.

Everything is a paradox.

I want music, hopeful.

I want music, loud and angry.

I want quiet, to let me think.

I want noise to shut down my brain.

Even this isn’t all that troubling to me.

It’s familiar, this paradox I exist in.

But it troubles the people I love and who love me.

That’s the trouble with the darkness.

That’s the trouble with everything.

I worry that I create more suffering than I help shoulder.

I’m afraid my darkness is contagious.

So I step back from those I love most.

Please, keep them ok.

I’m in the spotlight even in the pitch black.

There are people that need me to be ok.

Please, just be ok. 

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